Shellfish Company, Santa Barbara

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home_billboard04Why we love SB Shellfish Company-

Some of the best views in Santa Barbara can be found on the historic Stearns Wharf.  If you're looking for seafood while you take in the scenery, The Shellfish Company remains the destination for fresh shellfish and the best seafood.

The Santa Barbara Shellfish Company family began on Stearn's Wharf in 1980. Originating as a fresh seafood wholesale operation, they began experimenting with some different cooking ideas. A popular place for lunch, The Shellfish Company specializes in steamed crab, local lobster and ridgeback shrimp.

Famous Chef Julia Child considers The Shellfish Company among the best seafood in Santa Barbara. We couldn't agree more. Come see for yourself why we are calling The Shellfish Company one of the best seafood restaurants in Santa Barbara.

  1. Collette F. says:

    The food was delicious and reasonably priced. The portions were big and flavorful. The ambiance was lively and the employees were humorous, charming and very personable! Will definitely be back.

  2. A. M. says:

    Best spot in all of Santa Barbara for a drink while watching to sunset.

  3. Stacey V. says:

    We really enjoyed using our deal from Central Coast Dining. It provided us with an opportunity to splurge a little and try some things on the menu we wouldn’t normally have tried. We were not disappointed! Also, the food and service were both outstanding. Thanks for the great date night!

  4. Will A. says:

    I love Central Coast dining! The deals are such a great way to explore the local dining scene and helping support meaningful causes is fantastic.

  5. Bud S. says:

    We got there a bit late so had to sit at the bar but other than that it was a super time!!

  6. Karen R. says:

    It was a fun dining experience and the food was phenomenal.

  7. Lilyan C. says:

    Shellfish Company is a happy and fun dining spot. Love the rock crab!!!

  8. Steph F. says:

    Great food and service at SB Shellfish Company~ looking forward to going back again soon!

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Shellfish Co.

230 Stearns Wharf

Santa Barbara, CA 93101

(805) 966-6676
230 Stearns Wharf
Santa Barbara, California 93101
(805) 966-6676
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